About Us

Integrating Western Science with Traditional Knowledge

enviroseer.com is an Indigenous company and the umbrella organization for an alliance of environmental companies dedicated to sustainable industrial development.  Our member companies bring exceptional talent and capabilities for environmental monitoring solutions including: environmental assessments; consultation/engagement with Indigenous communities; traditional use and scientific data collection & analysis; environmental engineering; customized monitoring programs & reporting; and, in-field environmental solutions. In addition, environmental solutions related to water erosion, sediment removal and soil stabilization are now available.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide your organization with the best environmental monitoring tools & solutions available in order to increase transparency, reduce liability, demonstrate accountability and ensure that your standard for environmental performance is second to none.

Our vision is that enviroseer.com’s environmental monitoring systems become active assets in all organizations that seek to achieve effective and sustainable environmental solutions.

We Foster Education

Environmental solutions are developed and applied for the benefit of stakeholders based on a solid foundation of Western Science and Traditional Knowledge;

We Pursue Excellence

Data collection systems and subsequent analysis converts to timely, user-friendly reports that support constructive and sound decision-making by stakeholders;

We Are Transparent

Innovation and continuous improvement are fostered by strong relationships and ongoing communication with stakeholders.
Transparency is a fundamental principle of how we work with our customers and partners.